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Want A Thriving Business? Focus On The Best Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

As more and more business organizations shift their focus towards building meaningful and engaging relationships with the audience, it is the perfect time to look ahead at where we are going and explore the best digital marketing tactics of 2020. Read on to discover the top digital marketing trends of 2020 that will help your business to stand out in the crowd and grow faster.


According to Gartner reports, 85% of customer interactions will be managed without a human by 2020. From banking to e-commerce delivery services, chatbots have become an integral factor in customer service strategy. This artificially intelligent computer program is designed to communicate with the human through auditory or textual methods. Businesses can partner with a reputed online marketing company in Melbourne or any other vicinity to leverage the capabilities of chatbots to drive lead generation and sales. Using chatbots in digital marketing saves your time, increases customer satisfaction and endures personalized, focused interactions with your audience.

Voice search

Exploding growth of smart devices has driven the need for voice interaction applications. More and more people are using smartphones with voice assistants to search, shop and discover new things. Adding voice search to your digital marketing strategy would give a solid boost to your efforts as it facilitates the growth of a mobile-friendly movement. Moreover, enabling voice-powered search optimization creates a unique customer experience that builds and strengthens brand loyalty.

Artificial Intelligence

According to Gartner predictions, 30% of businesses plan to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) in their sales processes in 2020. Using AI automation for your sales and marketing efforts is particularly useful for saving time and costs. With a well-designed AI software, a digital marketing company in Melbourne can process and interpret huge volumes of customer data quickly, thus delivering highly personalized and relevant content strategy for each customer. Using AI automation offers a  wide range of benefits such as improving customer retention, boost search ads, reducing cart abandonment, identifying bottlenecks in your sales pipeline and more.

Embracing digital innovation is the need of the hour. Businesses need to move forward and stay abreast of the latest technology trends to gain a competitive edge. Make sure to partner with a reliable online marketing company to explore and adopt the latest trends in digital marketing.


Why Your Business Needs a Website?

With digital disruptors snapping at the heels of many industries, enterprises should capitalise on all opportunities that digital technologies offer—having a more in-depth insight into evolving customer behaviour, and dynamic business model would help in driving the business forward.  Modern-day consumers spend a lion share of their time browsing through websites and mobile applications. Business enterprises, regardless of their size or industry, should launch an aesthetically and functionally appealing website to gain a competitive edge. Seeking professional website development services in Melbourne would be a smart way.  Having a well-maintained web presence provides your business with better visibility and exposure. Let’s explore a few non-negotiable reasons why you need a website.

Better online visibility:  Having a website can give your business a great way to engage with the online audience. People are always searching for products and services online, and you need to where your consumers are. Building a professional website and investing in search engine marketing in Australia is a perfect way to boost your online marketing efforts. 

Showcase your products and services: When you have a web presence, you can publish accurate information about your products and services on your online pages. This would help in attracting the right set of customers. For instance, if you are running a cake shop, then you can publish good quality pictures of your homemade cakes and pastries. Your website layout, along with featured images and brief information, would give customers a better sense of what it feels like to enter your brick and mortar store. 

Expand your market reach: Flyers, newspaper ads, or any other form of traditional advertising strategies have geographical limitations. With a website, you can expand your market reach across the boundaries. Your business becomes accessible from anywhere in the world, and it remains open all year round. 

In short, if your business is not on the web, then it is missing out a massive world of opportunities. So, make sure to design, develop and publish a professional website for your business at the earliest.


2 Unknown Secrets Starting Digital Marketing Services in Melbourne

If you’re not living under the rock, by now you must have figured out the immense untapped potential internet marketing in Melbourne has to offer. There’s so much to discover- from breaking into this new platform to using the resources you have, to build a digital presence that stands out from the crowd, especially, from your competitors- the journey from a newbie to a pro is long, hard, but rewarding. Now, you’ll find multiple digital marketing services in Melbourne catering to your needs, specifications, and more- but here’s something they won’t tell you. If you’re an absolute beginner, you can rely on your internet marketing company for 90% of the job. However, there’s still 10% left for you to explore on your own, and this is the opportunity that entrepreneurs capitalise on.

So, while your digital agency in Melbourne is operating on the advanced level, here are two unknown tips that you can use to build your digital marketing knowledge at the side.

Know where you can build your links

A common practice is to visit different third-party sites and promote your links there, but that’s not the same as going to your target audience. Community forums like Reddit or Quora are great places to promote your brand, and that’s where you should be heading to. Build links, engage in posts that are similar to your brand, react or reach out to someone who’s already in your business genre- and that’s how you build links targeting the right audience.

Content is King

When it comes to content, you have to be not just clear but clever too. Let’s go against the common practise this time and instead of promoting content that’s ‘all about you and only you’, let’s focus on a different tangent- write, talk, or take an interest in something that is not directly related to your business, but somewhere is related. For instance, take current trends like this pandemic that we are all struggling through. Talk about how local businesses are suffering, talk about how some of the big digital marketing moguls are helping smaller businesses survive right now, etc.

There are many more secret tips and tricks that we have up our sleeve. If you wish to know more about our newbie tips and tricks, all you need to do is keep posted on our blog section for more juicy tips like this.


How to Skyrocket Your Digital Brand Presence?

Google is always watching you, and mapping your every step, analysing your business nature, and helping you expand your network of potential customers. How? Any Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne will say thanks to Digital Marketing! But digital marketing is an umbrella with a lot of hidden opportunities yet to be explored. Today, we are going to talk about an underrated miracle that can boost brand presence and help you establish a firm digital empire when used with other digital marketing tools! We are talking about PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising, a device that uses Google’s Adword Campaigns to help you connect, re-connect, and expand- digitally.

Without further ado, let us break down the benefits your PPC campaign brings to you-

Connecting Like-Minded Individuals

Google Adwords opens up an extensive directory of people allowing you to showcase your brand to a massive list of audiences. But that’s not all! Google algorithm traces similar keywords used, and before you know, people who are searching for something similar to what you’re providing is showing up on your Adwords. Google is redirecting audiences hoping your business can turn them into potential customers.

The Right Place. The Right Time

Google won’t just connect you to the right people. While Google’s endless keyword-based targeted search is working in the background, Google Adwords will connect you to potential customers who are looking for your product right then and there. It’s almost like when you’re searching for something, and the top ‘most likely to be used by you’ businesses comes on the SERPs for you. Adwords is doing that and hoping your PPC campaign will transform your hard work into revenues.

You Scale What You Sow

With PPC, everything is as transparent as it can be. Every move, every detail, every result is backed by data making it an automated, scalable workhorse working round the clock for you! We are talking clicks counted, impressions measured, sales compared with the past reports. Analysing your current campaign and identifying the profits and setbacks have never been easier!

This is just the tip of the iceberg with the real scope of Pay Per Click Advertising yet to be disclosed! But, we are not going to give away the best parts without understanding your digital business. There are research and analysis and cups of coffee waiting for you at this Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne! Hope to hear from you soon!

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